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Saying Goodbye to a Hero


It’s difficult losing a loved one or a friend.  It seems even more so when you lose a hero.  Someone who you saw as bigger than life.  That is what happened to me this week with the passing of Percy (P J) Ponder.  Continue reading

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See You On Down the Road, Josh


Josh 1

Joshua Michael George

November 11, 1985-March 12, 2015

Its been some time since I wrote anything in my blog.  Not exactly sure I know what is going to come flying through my mind.  I’ll just write them down and go from there. Continue reading

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Addison Danielle Dugan 2004-2013


Addison Dugan

January 4 ,2004–June 12, 2013

We live in a world with no easy answers.  It’s been said, “What a difference a day (or week) makes.  One week ago today, a family and a community’s lives changed forever.  Addison Dugan, a precious 9 year old from Grand Saline, lost her life in a tragic auto accident.

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